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A new show banner

Posted: March 12th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: Manini Project 2014 | 1 Comment »

Last year, I finally got around to forming my LLC for my jewelry business (Alchemary) and had my logo professionally produced, and I decided that it was time to up my game with my show banner. I’ve tried a few different things over the years: paper signs in frames, paper signs laminated and mounted to boards, and even a professionally printed vinyl banner, which was nice for what it was, but didn’t really suit the image I’m going for with my business.

Alchemary sign 8.5x11

I recently heard about Spoonflower, a company that will print custom designs on nice-quality fabric for a reasonable cost. They have some good reviews, so I figured it was worth a shot.

First, I made a copy of the Illustrator file for my logo, in case I messed it up. I am about the farthest thing you can get from Illustrator-savvy, so I had to muck around a bit and do some Google searching to figure out how to make the whole thing bigger and rotate the image so it would fit the fabric dimensions better. (One of these days I will sit down and learn Illustrator. Really.) After I figured that bit out, it was easy to export it to JPG format and upload it to the Spoonflower site. From there, it was a matter of messing around with their options and settings to get the logo placed where I wanted it, then choosing the fabric (I went for a more expensive cotton/linen blend, which fits my image well) and completing the transaction.

I ordered one yard plus two fat quarters, each with the logo centered on it. The larger piece will be the main hanging banner, mainly for outdoor shows. The smaller pieces I’ll use for shows when I don’t have the option of hanging a large banner, and I’d like to figure out a way I can also temporarily hang them back-to-back for use as a flag on a stand.

My order should be here in about three weeks.