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hey, turkey!

Posted: June 25th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: critters, house, nature | 6 Comments »

Just call our neighborhood Wild Kingdom.

The latest addition to the menagerie, following the pack of coyotes who used the ravine behind our house as a highway for a couple of weeks (but now seem to have moved on), is a mother turkey and her two chicks. Witness:

hey, turkeys!

This photo was taken from my office window. The little path that runs alongside that part of the house is a well-trodden route for them.

The mother will let me get about ten feet away before she starts to show signs of protectiveness.

We first saw the turkeys two weeks ago, and in that time the babies have really grown and the mother is starting to let them wander a little ways away from her.

My neighbor tells me she saw the tom last week, although I have not seen him.

My little camera takes video, although it’s not very high-res. But if you care to share in my fascination in watching them as they eat the seeds off the tall grass, here you go: