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summer’s end

Posted: August 8th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: art, Etsy, jewelry, nature, weather | Comments Off on summer’s end

Hard to believe it’s August already. The marching band is practicing at the high school, my niece and nephew start school in a couple weeks (one friend‘s kid has started school already), I’m making hot tea and wearing a fleece pullover today… Just not quite prepared for this time of year yet.

Sunday will be my last summer show of 2008, the North Olmsted Juried Arts & Crafts Show at Frostville Museum in the Metroparks in North Olmsted. The show itself is a small one and, sadly, not terribly well publicized, but the setting is just lovely — plenty of nature and nearby hiking — and there will be food and music. And, as a bonus, it’s not supposed to be blazingly hot that day, either.

This show will be the last chance for a bunch of items that have been following me around from show to show for a little too long now. These older necklaces and bracelets don’t quite fit in with the direction I’ve been going lately, so they will all be half price at the show this Sunday. After that, they’re going to be taken apart for parts to rework or sell off in the Etsy supply shop I’ve started but haven’t stocked yet.

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