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paring down to favorites

Posted: February 3rd, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: life | Comments Off on paring down to favorites

I have this little problem where I know what lotions and the like work for me, but I still feel compelled to keep trying new stuff. My skin is sensitive, and I hate stinky smelly lotions and soaps, so 90% of the time, the new stuff I pick out just doesn’t work for me. Then, because I hate to waste stuff, I feel like I have to use up all the stuff, just so as not to be wasteful, even though it’s not my favorite and I’m just counting down the days until I can get back to my favorite. Also, there’s this thing about saving my favorites for… I’m not really sure what.

The face lotion I’ve ended up with is more expensive than I would like, but it’s what works. It doesn’t clog my pores, it doesn’t smell like a perfume factory, it doesn’t make me break out, it doesn’t sting my eyes, and, while it’s on the pricey side, I can afford it… what more could I want? Yet, last week, I found myself buying yet another face lotion, which ended up being a weird texture and having a strong scent.


this is what works

I’ve been working a bit with the concept of the Book of Me (thank you, Havi), and this past week I added an entry about sticking with what works (until they inevitably change or discontinue it, anyway) and resisting the temptation to pile on new stuff just for the sake of it being new. And pampering myself by using my favorites and not feeling like I have to make do or look for compromises.

Thus, today I gathered up all the lotions, soaps, and such that aren’t my absolute favorites and put them in a bag to give to my sister and my niece, the latter of whom just officially became a teenager and both of whom like trying new stuff a whole lot more than I do. And that’s another thing done off my February manini list.

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