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Ah, Friday!

Posted: April 23rd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: life | 1 Comment »

Friday for me is usually a light day, a kind of limbo-y go-with-the-flow and deal-with-miscellaneous-stuff day. I work hard so that I don’t normally have a ton of editing work to do on Friday, and if there is any, I try to make it the kind that doesn’t require a lot of super concentration (formatting references, applying style codes, prepping manuscripts). Friday is my day for marathon errand running (Costco, Heinen’s, Trader Joes, libraries, Target, recycling, Lowe’s — whatever needs to be done). But I try to leave it a little loose, too, so that if the whim hits I can check out a new shop or walk on the beach or take myself out to lunch or whatever strikes my fancy as a special little treat. Especially when the weather is nice, as it is today, it’s good to be out and about in the big world where you run into other people instead of playing hermit in my office.