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tidbits: extra soggy edition

Posted: October 2nd, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: books, cats, weather | 1 Comment »

We’ve had a good, constant rain for the last few days, and I’m happy about it. I’m pressing to get a few minor projects wrapped up, and I don’t need the pull of a beautiful day to distract me. Hibernation mode has been good for the past few days.

However, I did head out yesterday for my massage, which was badly needed. After, I wandered over to Borders and B&N and Books-a-Million, since yesterday was the official pub date for The Cat Lover’s Daily Companion, and I’m just dying to see in on a shelf. Call me easily amused. No sign of it yet in Borders, although they did have two copies of the dog version, which I did some editing work on, and I failed to check their stock to see what was coming. B&N didn’t have it on the shelf yet, although the clerk told me there were four copies in the store (I’m guessing in the back room), but their database had it under the very old first title, not the new title. (So, if you’re looking for it at B&N, you might need to ask for The Cat Owner’s Devotional.)

bookonshelf1 copyBooks-a-Million is the closest of the three to me, but I rarely find what I want there and it has a weird vibe, so I don’t often go there. (And really, what’s with nearly a quarter of the store being taken up with religion books, when most other subjects are given five or six shelves at best?) However, they came through for me this time, and the one copy they ordered was sitting on the bottom shelf of the stunningly small cat section (two shelves), so I guess I should be honored. In trying to be inconspicuous, I managed only two blurry photos; this was the better one.

Overall, it’s been kind of a slow, crappy, unmotivated week. Little annoyances have been getting to me, and more than once I’ve had to bang out some nasty e-mail just to get it out of my head, then delete it. And I feel like I’m starting to come down with something. There have been a few bright spots, though. I finally got my new printer (through some clever maneuvers after one of those major annoyances); we got it set up last night and holy carp that thing spits out the pages quickly. And the printing is really crisp. And the pages come out straight (unlike the last printer, where everything was slightly crooked on the page). I’m working on a couple of really interesting projects right now, mainly in history and theatre. And I was able to pick up some fabulous beads at the wholesale bead show last week, so I’m hoping I’ll have time to dig into those later this afternoon.